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Unit 1 Text A Ex.1 Understanding the text 1、Because he is tired of listening to his father and he is not interested in grammar rules. 2、The civilization of Greece and the glory of Roman architecture are so marvelous and remarkable that they should be described at least in a brief account; however, what the student could do was only one single utterance :“whoa!” without any any specific comment. 3、Because the schools fail to set high standards of language proficiency. They only teach a little grammar and less advanced vocabulary. And the younger teachers themselves have little knowledge of the vital structures of language. 4、Because teaching grammar is not an easy job and most of the students will easily get bored if it’s not properly dealt with. 5、He familiarized his son with different parts of speech in a sentence and discussed their specific grammatical functions including how to use adverbs to describe verbs. 6、Because the son had never heard about the various names and functions of words in an English sentence before. 7、The author uses “road map”and “car”to describe grammar and vocabulary. Here,“road map”is considered as grammar and “car”as vocabulary. 8、Since the subjunctive mood his son used is a fairly advanced grammar structure, the interjection“whoa!”reflects the tremendous pride the father had toward his son; it also reflects the author’s humor in using the word because it was once used by his student, though in two different situations and with two different feelings. Ex.3 Words in use 1.condense 2.exceed 3.deficit 4.exposure 5.asset 6.adequate 7.competent 8.adjusting 9.precisely 10.beneficial Ex.4 Word building -al/-ial: managerial/editorial/substance/survival/tradition/margin -cy : consistency/accuracy/efficient -y : recovery/ministry/assembly Ex.5 Word building 1.editorial 2.recovery 3.accuracy 4.substance 5.managerial 6.margin 7.assembly 8.Ministry 9.survival 10.tradition 11.consistency 12.efficient


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