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PAGE \* MERGEFORMAT 1 Brands and Branding 论文要求:Course Assessment The moment in which all of this really comes together is the assessment. The model for the assessment was borrowed/nicked from the great master of marketing theory, Professor Morris Holbrook who recently retired from Columbia University in New York (again this is a tried and tested method). Here is the brief: From the conceptual and theoretical issues presented in lectures and through your privately directed readings of relevant material. Students can explore the brands and branding and their relevance for any industry, product, brand, strategic plan, cultural phenomenon, economic problem, demographic trend, multicultural contrast, global issue, consumption phenomenon, career objective etc. that they wish to explore. (从中选一个topic去分析,然后分析的细一些,不要笼统的概括) This will be a 2,200 word document .Note that this is remarkably open-ended. You are basically free to contextualize this project however you wish. Conceptually, however you must address the theoretical issues which are explored during lectures. The Context As per the brief, you can pick any context that you prefer. My advice is to pick a topic that you really love, that you are really interested in and then think about it in the terms of the logic of branding. (分析的时候要越细越好,不要很笼统的分析)Remember the students who do the best will be those who pick a project of greatest personal interest. Here you have the freedom to be creative in your thinking. The Concepts You must draw upon a conceptual framework as presented in lectures. This means trawling through the above reading lists and identifying a theoretical area that you are most interested in and then applying it to your context in the form of analysis. You should begin with a singular conceptual focus and then use your privately directed reading to expand the relevant readings into a comprehensive range of material, as befits a research project. Remember it is imperative that you analyse, not describe, your


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