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Xilinx Reduces Risk and IncreasesXilinxCertified Safety Applications降低风险并增加 IEC61508和ISO26262的效率 认证安全应用.pdf 27页

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White Paper: Certified Safety Applications WP461 (v1.0) April 9, 2015 Xilinx Reduces Risk and Increases Efficiency for IEC61508 and ISO26262 Certified Safety Applications By: Ed Hallett, Giulio Corradi, Steven McNeil Integrated safe/non-safe functionality is possible in a single device. Offering today’s best-in-class tools and techniques, Xilinx makes IEC/ISO safety certification readily achievable. ABSTRACT This white paper introduces key dependability aspects for industrial and automotive customers who are designing and developing programmable electronic equipment for safety applications using Xilinx FPGA and SoC devices. The main focus of this white paper is to explain how to create solutions with highly integrated, high-performance certifiable systems that target IEC 61508 / ISO 26262 norms. The goal is to achieve reduced risk, improved compliance, decreased certification time, and lower system cost. The designer is guided through: The key dependable attributes of a safety design How to use Xilinx technologies and methodologies to solve fundamental challenges relating to the design of safety systems Definition, partitioning, and verification procedures, carefully developed by Xilinx over the past decade, are described in detail. Employing these proven tools and processes results in safety block design elements that are certifiable a


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